Information for Authors

Prospective authors are strongly encouraged to follow the steps below to prepare and submit a full-length, four-page paper, including figures and references, to the WASPAA 2011 Technical Committee. Supporting multimedia material like audio examples can optionally be submitted for review as well. All WASPAA papers will be handled and reviewed electronically.

Important Deadlines

Submission of Four-Page Paper May 13, 2011
Submission revision window closes May 20, 2011, 5pm EDT
Notification of Acceptance July 15, 2011

Quick Links

Preparation of the Paper

In order to help authors prepare an IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF for submission to WASPAA 2011, we compiled a list of guidelines and put together two paper templates for users of both LaTeX and Microsoft Word.

These guidelines and templates are modified from those for ICASSP and past WASPAA workshops, so an experienced author who has published something in these conferences/workshops will find it easy to follow the guidelines and use the templates.


Go to our Paper Submission and Review System and follow the instructions there.  After registering for an account, you will fill out a form with metadata about your paper, upload your PDF file, and optionally upload any supporting multimedia files.

The WAASPAA 2011 submission deadline remains Friday, May 13th. However, in order to ensure the best possible submissions and to make things a little easier for authors, we have added a “revision window”: Papers submitted by the deadline can be modified/revised through the submission site for an additional week, until Friday May 20th. At 5pm EDT on Friday, May 20th, the submission site will close, and the submitted papers will be frozen.

IEEE PDF Express

Note that the last step of the submission process involves verifying your pdf file with the IEEE PDF Express web service. PDF Express requires that all fonts used by a given document must be embedded in the document. The most common reason that a document fails to pass PDF Express verification is that one or more required fonts are not embedded.

Hence, in order to provide a painless submission experience, the WASPAA organizing committee recommends that submitting authors prescreen their papers prior to submission. If you are running Linux and have ‘pdffonts’ installed, from the command line type

pdffonts <your-paper-name>.pdf

You will see a complete listing of all fonts plus their status. The most important column is ‘emb’. If any of the fonts have a ‘No’ listing in this column, your paper has missing fonts.

If for any reason you are unable to prescreen your paper, you can still get access to the PDF Express error report if your paper fails the PDF Express Compliance Check as follows:

  1. If you are currently on the “Upload File” page:
    1. Under “File” click on your paper title. This will pull up your Error Report sent back from PDF Express.
    2. Using the following links below make the necessary changes to your paper then resubmit it.
  2. If you have logged out of the WAPSAA 2011 Paper Submission site:
    1. Log back into your account
    2. Under “Previous Submissions” click on the “edit button” (it looks like a pencil) to the right of the paper ID. This will take you to the Upload File page.
    3. Follow the instructions above.

There are also some online resources that can help you with IEEE PDF Express and with embedding fonts:

If after doing the steps above, you are still unable to submit your paper, please contact John McDonough.

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