Oct 20

Best paper awards

Posted by admin on Oct 20 2011

Congratulations to the best paper nominees and to the winners of the best paper and best student paper awards.

Best paper

  • A Time-Domain Widely Linear MVDR Filter for Binaural Noise Reduction
    Jingdong Chen, Jacob Benesty

Best student paper

  • Simulation of the Violin Section Sound based on the analysis of orchestra performance
    Jukka Pätynen, Sakari Tervo, Tapio Lokki

Best paper nominees

  • Upscaling Ambisonic Sound Scenes Using Compressed Sensing Techniques
    Andrew Wabnitz, Nicolas Epain, Alistair McEwan, Craig Jin
  • Cascaded Long Term Prediction for Coding Polyphonic Audio Signals
    Tejaswi Nanjundaswamy, Kenneth Rose
  • Efficient Realization of Model-Based Rendering for 2.5-dimensional Near-Field Compensated Higher Order Ambisonics
    Sascha Spors, Jens Ahrens, Vincent Kuscher
  • Learning Emotion-Based Acoustic Features With Deep Belief Networks
    Erik Schmidt, Youngmoo Kim
  • Spectral vs. Spectro-Temporal Features For Acoustic Event Detection
    Courtenay Cotton, Daniel Ellis
  • Large-Scale Cover Song Recognition Using Hashed Chroma Landmarks
    Thierry Bertin-Mahieux, Daniel Ellis
  • Binaural Analysis/Synthesis of Interior Aircraft Sounds
    Charles Verron, Philippe-Aubert Gautier, Jennifer Langlois, Catherine Guastavino
  • Combined Feedforward-Feedback Noise Reduction Schemes for Open-Fitting Hearing Aids< br />
    Derya Dalga, Simon Doclo
  • Fast Update Rules for Independent Vector Analysis Based on Auxiliary Function Technique
    Nobutaka Ono
  • Diffuseness Estimation With High Temporal Resolution Via Spatial Coherence Between Virtual First-Order Microphones
    Oliver Thiergart, Giovanni Del Galdo, Emanuel Habets

Sep 12

Information for presenters

Posted by admin on Sep 12 2011

We’ve posted information for presenters including the lecture time (20 minutes total, including questions), and poster size (4′ x 4′).

Sep 05

Schedule posted

Posted by admin on Sep 05 2011

The schedule for WASPAA 2011 has been posted. It includes the day, time, and location of each session and also lists which papers are to be presented as lectures, and which as posters. Guidelines for both lecture and poster presentations will be posted shortly.

Aug 22

Registration closed

Posted by admin on Aug 22 2011

Registration for WASPAA 2011 is now closed because the workshop and the waitlist have filled to capacity.

Aug 01

General registration open

Posted by admin on Aug 01 2011

Registration for WASPAA 2011 is now open to everyone through our registration system. It will probably fill up quickly, so don’t delay. If you already have a username and password for the paper submission system, you can use it to log in for registration as well.

Jul 29

Camera-ready paper deadline extended

Posted by admin on Jul 29 2011

Due to some technical difficulties, we are extending the deadline for camera-ready papers to next Wednesday, August 3. Note that we will still be opening up conference registration for non-authors on August 1, so if you are an author and have not registered for the conference, remember to do so before it fills up.

Jul 27

Visa Letters

Posted by admin on Jul 27 2011

Note that if you require a Visa letter to travel to WASPAA, you will have the opportunity to request it during the registration process. If approved, the letter will be sent out on the Friday after you register, so don’t worry when you don’t get it immediately upon registering.

Jul 20

Paper decisions sent

Posted by admin on Jul 20 2011

Decisions on all papers have been emailed to all corresponding authors.  If you haven’t gotten yours, please let us know.  Camera-ready versions of all accepted papers (which must pass the PDF Express Compliance Check) are due by July 29.

May 08

Submission revision window

Posted by admin on May 08 2011

The WAASPAA 2011 submission deadline remains Friday, May 13th. However, in order to ensure the best possible submissions and to make things a little easier for authors, we have added a “revision window”: Papers submitted by the deadline can be modified/revised through the submission site for an additional week, until Friday May 20th. At 5pm EDT on Friday, May 20th, the submission site will close, and the submitted papers will be frozen.

Apr 22

Submission site open

Posted by admin on Apr 22 2011

The WASPAA 2011 paper submission site is now open. When you are ready to submit a paper, go to the site and register for an account. For each paper you are submitting, you will fill out a form with metadata describing the paper, upload the PDF file, and optionally upload any supporting multimedia files. The submission deadline is May 13, 2011.

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