Registration for WASPAA 2011 is now closed because the workshop and the waitlist have filled to capacity.

WASPAA 2011 Registration Fee Schedule

Attendees Early Registration Rate
BY Aug. 31, 2011
Late Registration Rate
AFTER Aug. 31, 2011
IEEE Members $300 $420
Non-Members $450 $630
IEEE Student Members $180 $252
Student Non-Members $270 $378

For attendees and accompanying guests who choose not to stay at the Mohank Mountain House, the charges are the following:

Day Attendee Fee
(Lunch, but no dinner)
$110 per person per day
Dinner Charge $60 per person

Visa letters

Note that if you require a Visa letter to travel to WASPAA, you will have the opportunity to request it during the registration process. If approved, the letter will be sent out on the Friday after you register, so don’t worry when you don’t get it immediately upon registering.

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