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West Dining Room
West Dining Room
West Dining Room
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Conference House
Lecture Session LT1
Music Signal Analysis

Conference House
Lecture Session LW1
Source Separation & Localization

Conference House
9:00amLecture Session LM1
Multichannel Audio

Conference House
10:00amCoffee Break
East Dining Room
Coffee Break
East Dining Room
Coffee Break
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10:20amPoster Session PM
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Poster Session PT
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Poster Session PW
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12:00pmLunch/Afternoon Break
West Dining Room
Lunch/Afternoon Break
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West Dining Room
Hospitality Room
Lecture Session LM2
Signal Enhancement

Conference House
Lecture Session LT2
Microphone Arrays

Conference House
6:00pmDinner & Opening
West Dining Room
West Dining Room
West Dining Room
8:00 - 10:00pmReception & Cocktails
Sponsored by mh acoustics
West Dining Room
Demo Session DM & Cocktails
Sponsored by RIM-Blackberry
West Dining Room
Demo Session DT & Cocktails
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West Dining Room

Lecture Sesssion LM1: Multichannel Audio

Monday, 9:00am, Conference House

9:00am Upscaling Ambisonic Sound Scenes Using Compressed Sensing Techniques
Andrew Wabnitz, Nicolas Epain, Alistair McEwan, Craig Jin
9:20am Design of Transform Filter for Sound Field Reproduction Using Microphone Array and Loudspeaker Array
Shoichi Koyama, Ken’ichi Furuya, Yusuke Hiwasaki, Yoichi Haneda
9:40am Robust combined crosstalk cancellation and listening-room compensation
Jan Ole Jungmann, Radoslaw Mazur, Markus Kallinger, Alfred Mertins

Poster Sesssion PM: Monday Posters

Monday, 10:00am, East Dining Room

  • Model Based Multiple Audio Sequence Alignment
    Dogac Basaran, Ali Taylan Cemgil, Emin Anarim
  • Exact localization of acoustic reflectors from Quadratic constraints
    Antonio Canclini, Fabio Antonacci, Mark R.P. Thomas, Jason Filos, Augusto Sarti, Patrick A. Naylor, Stefano Tubaro
  • Cascaded Long Term Prediction for Coding Polyphonic Audio Signals
    Tejaswi Nanjundaswamy, Kenneth Rose
  • On the Combination of Voice Prompt Suppression with Maximum Kurtosis Beamforming
    John McDonough, Bhiksha Raj, Kenichi Kumatani
  • Carnatic Music Analysis: Shadja, Swara Identification and Raga Verification in Alapana using Stochastic Models
    Ranjani HG, Arthi S, Sreenivas TV
  • Multichannel Audio Upmixing Based on Non-Negative Tensor Factorization Representation
    Joonas Nikunen, Tuomas Virtanen, Miikka Vilermo
  • Evanescent Wave Reproduction using Linear Array of Loudspeakers
    Hiroaki Itou, Ken’ichi Furuya, Yoichi Haneda
  • An Adaptive Streaming System for MPEG-4 Scalable to Lossless Audio
    Rongshan Yu, Haiyan Shu, Susanto Rahardja
  • A New Linear MMSE Filter for Single Channel Speech Enhancement Based on Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
    Nasser Mohammadiha, Timo Gerkmann, Arne Leijon
  • Auditory Adapted Exponential Transfer Function Smoothing (AAS)
    Florian Völk, Christian Landsiedel, Hugo Fastl
  • Auralization of Sonic Crystals through Simulation of Acoustic Band Gaps in Two-Dimensional Periodic Scattering Arrays
    Sorrel Hoare, Damian Murphy
  • Informed Spectral Analysis for Isolated Audio Source Parameters Estimation
    Dominique Fourer, Sylvain Marchand
  • Efficient Realization of Model-Based Rendering for 2.5-dimensional Near-Field Compensated Higher Order Ambisonics
    Sascha Spors, Vincent Kuscher, Jens Ahrens
  • Learning Emotion-Based Acoustic Features With Deep Belief Networks
    Erik Schmidt, Youngmoo Kim
  • Spectral vs. Spectro-Temporal Features for Acoustic Event Detection
    Courtenay Cotton, Daniel Ellis
  • Characterizing Fundamental Frequency Trajectories
    Johanna Devaney, Michael Mandel, Ichiro Fujinaga
  • Super-resolution of Musical Signals Using Approximate Matching Pursuit
    Brennan P. Keegan, Steven K. Tjoa, K. J. Ray Liu
  • Reduced-Bandwidth and Low-Complexity Multichannel Wiener Filter for Binaural Hearing Aids
    Jorge I. Marin-Hurtado, David V. Anderson
  • Improved Classification of Acoustic Features via Primal Weight Vectors
    Aaron Lawson, David Harris, Brandon Battles
  • Binaural Analysis/Synthesis of Interior Aircraft Sounds
    Charles Verron, Philippe-Aubert Gautier, Jennifer Langlois, Catherine Guastavino

Lecture Sesssion LM2: Signal Enhancement

Monday, 4:00pm, Conference House

4:00pm Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation using Spatial Decorrelation
Namgook Cho, Jaeyoun Cho, Jaewon Lee, Yongje Kim
4:20pm Non-Linear Acoustic Echo Cancellation using Online Loudspeaker Linearization
Moctar I. Mossi, Christelle Yemdji, Nicholas Evans, Christophe Beaugeant
4:40pm A System Approach to Acoustic Echo Cancellation in Robust Hands-Free Teleconferencing
Jason Wung, Ted Wada, Biing-Hwang Juang, Bowon Lee, Mitchell Trott, Ronald Schafer
5:00pm A Time-Domain Widely Linear MVDR Filter for Binaural Noise Reduction
Jingdong Chen, Jacob Benesty
5:20pm Noise Estimation with Low Complexity for Speech Enhancement
Pei Chee Yong, Sven Nordholm, Hai Huyen Dam
5:40pm Application of Channel Shortening to Acoustic Channel Equalization in the Presence of Noise and Estimation Error
Mark R.P. Thomas, Nikolay Gaubitch, Patrick A. Naylor

Demo Sesssion DM: Monday Demos

Monday, 8:00pm, West Dining Room

  • Audio camera / microphone array
    Ramani Duraiswami
  • Tarsos
    Joren Six
  • Informed source separation
    Stanislaw Gorlow
  • Upscaling ambisonic sound scenes
    Andrew Wabnitz, Nicolas Epain, Alistair McEwan, Craig Jin
  • Decorrelation and acoustic echo cancellation for teleconferencing
    Jason Wung, Ted S. Wada, Biing-Hwang (Fred) Juang
  • Carnatic music
    Arthi Subramaniam
  • Dynamic gain control of the center channel for increasing the spaciousness
    Victor Kalinichenko

Lecture Sesssion LT1: Music Signal Analysis

Tuesday, 8:00am, Conference House

8:00am Large-Scale Cover Song Recognition using Hashed Chroma Landmarks
Thierry Bertin-Mahieux, Daniel Ellis
8:20am Optimizing the Mapping from a Symbolic to an Audio Representation for Music-to-Score Alignment
Cyril Joder, Slim Essid, Gaël Richard
8:40am Polyphonic Pitch Tracking by Example
Paris Smaragdis
9:00am Scale-Invariant Probabilistic Latent Component Analysis
Romain Hennequin, Roland Badeau, Bertrand David
9:20am A Temporally-constrained Convolutive Probabilistic Model for Pitch Detection
Emmanouil Benetos, Simon Dixon
9:40am Probabilistic Latent Tensor Factorization Framework for Audio Modeling
Ali Taylan Cemgil, Umut Simsekli, Yusuf Cem Subakan

Poster Sesssion PT: Tuesday Posters

Tuesday, 10:00am, East Dining Room

  • Perceptual Evaluation of Interior Aircraft Sound Models
    Jennifer Langlois, Charles Verron, Philippe-Aubert Gautier, Catherine Guastavino
  • Dynamic gain control of the center channel for increasing the spaciousness
    Victor Kalinichenko
  • Noise Power Estimation Based on the Probability of Speech Presence
    Timo Gerkmann, Richard Hendriks
  • Arbitrary Sample Rate Conversion with Resampling Filters Optimized for Combination with Oversampling
    Andreas Franck
  • New Formulations and Efficient Algorithms for Multichannel NMF
    Hiroshi Sawada, Hirokazu Kameoka, Shoko Araki, Naonori Ueda
  • 3D Reconstruction of HRTF-Fields from 1D Continuous Measurements
    Gerald Enzner, Martin Krawczyk, Falk-Martin Hoffmann, Michael Weinert
  • Methods for enhanced harmonic transposition
    Lars Villemoes, Per Ekstrand, Per Hedelin
  • Convolutive common audio signal separation
    Pierre Leveau, Simon Maller, Juan Jose Burred, Xabier Jaureguiberry
  • On the Estimation of Low Fundamental Frequencies
    Mads Christensen
  • Simulation of the Violin Section Sound based on the analysis of orchestra performance
    Jukka Pätynen, Sakari Tervo, Tapio Lokki
  • Effects of Headphone Transfer Function Scattering on Sound Perception
    Mathieu Paquier, Vincent Koehl, Brice Jantzem
  • Combined Feedforward-Feedback Noise Reduction Schemes for Open-Fitting Hearing Aids
    Derya Dalga, Simon Doclo
  • Stable and Fast Update Rules for Independent Vector Analysis Based on Auxiliary Function Technique
    Nobutaka Ono
  • Excitation Modeling and Synthesis For Plucked-Guitar Tones
    Raymond Migneco, Youngmoo Kim
  • Learning Contextual Relevance of Audio Segments using Discriminative Models over AUD Sequences
    Sourish Chaudhuri, Bhiksha Raj
  • Constrained Estimation of Percussive Sound Excitations
    Alex Fink, Andreas Spanias
  • Properties of convolved room impulse responses
    U. Peter Svensson, Hassan EL-Banna Zidan, Johan L. Nielsen
  • Robustness of the Hearing Aid Speech Quality Index (HASQI)
    Abigail Kressner, David V. Anderson, Christopher Rozell
  • Predictive Audio coding using rate-distortion-optimal pre- and post-filtering
    Obada Alhaj Moussa, Minyue Li, Bastiaan Kleijn

Lecture Sesssion LT2: Microphone Arrays

Tuesday, 4:00pm, Conference House

4:00pm Diffuseness Estimation With High Temporal Resolution Via Spatial Coherence Between Virtual First-Order Microphones
Oliver Thiergart, Giovanni Del Galdo, Emanuel Habets
4:20pm Spatial Soundfield Recording Over a Large Area using Distributed Higher Order Microphones
Prasanga Samarasinghe, Thushara Abhayapala, Mark Poletti
4:40pm Compressed sensing for acoustic response reconstruction: interpolation of the early part
Rémi Mignot, Laurent Daudet, François Ollivier
5:00pm Block-wise Incremental Adaptation Algorithm for Maximum Kurtosis Beamforming
Kenichi Kumatani, John McDonough, Bhiksha Raj
5:20pm Decorrelation for Adaptive Beamforming Applied to Arbitrarily Sampled Spherical Arrays
Ines Hafizovic, Carl-Inge Colombo Nilsen, Sverre Holm
5:40pm Robust Beamforming and Steering of Arbitrary Beam Patterns using Spherical Arrays
Joshua Atkins

Demo Sesssion DT: Tuesday Demos

Tuesday, 8:00pm, West Dining Room

Lecture Sesssion LW1: Source Separation and Localization

Wednesday, 8:00am, Conference House

8:00am Binaural Detection of Speech Sources in Complex Acoustic Scenes
Tobias May, Steven van de Par, Armin Kohlrausch
8:20am Supervised Source Localization using Diffusion Kernels
Ronen Talmon, Israel Cohen, Sharon Gannot
8:40am Optimal 3-D HOA Encoding with Applications in Improving Close-Spaced Source Localization
Haohai Sun, U. Peter Svensson
9:00am Gaussian modeling of mixtures of non-stationary signals in the time-frequency domain (HR-NMF)
Roland Badeau
9:20am Informed source separation: source coding meets source separation
Alexey Ozerov, Antoine Liutkus, Roland Badeau, Gaël Richard
9:40am On the Disjointess of Sources in Music using Different Time-Frequency Representations
Dimitrios Giannoulis, Daniele Barchiesi, Anssi Klapuri, Mark Plumbley

Poster Sesssion PW: Wednesday Posters

Wednesday, 10:00am, East Dining Room

  • Normalization of LPC Residue for Random Access Frame in Audio Coding
    Haiyan Shu, Rongshan YU, Haibin HUANG, Susanto Rahardja
  • Performance for Randomly Described Arrays
    Jingjing Yu, Kevin Donohue
  • A Robust Sound-Source Separation Algorithm for an Adverse Environment that Combines MVDR-PHAT with the CASA Framework
    Hoang Do, Harvey Silverman
  • Direct-Ambient Decomposition and Upmix of Surround Signals
    Andreas Walther, Christof Faller
  • Bayesian Classification of Acoustical Waveforms under Environmental Variability
    Jens E. N. Christensen, Simon Godsill
  • A compressed sensing approach to the simultaneous recording of room impulse responses
    Alexis Benichoux, Emmanuel Vincent, Remi Gribonval
  • Decorrelation by Resampling in Frequency Domain for Multi-Channel Acoustic Echo Cancellation Based on Residual Echo Enhancement
    Ted Wada, Jason Wung, Biing-Hwang Juang
  • Conformal Method for the Rectilinear Digitalwaveguide Mesh
    Jung Suk Lee, Gary Scavone, Philippe Depalle, Moonseok Kim
  • Towards the Influence of Vibration on Evaluation of Speech Utterances in Mobile Devices
    Henrik von Coler, Shiva Sundaram, Robert Schleicher, Gabriel Curio
  • Synthesis of room impulse responses for arbitrary source directivities using spherical harmonic decomposition
    Martin Pollow, Pascal Dietrich, Martin Kunkemöller, Michael Vorländer
  • ON CUDA Implementation of a Multichannel Room Impulse Response Reshaping Algorithm Based on p-Norm Optimization
    Radoslaw Mazur, Jan Ole Jungmann, Alfred Mertins
  • Informed Source Separation: Underdetermined Source Signal Recovery from an Instantaneous Stereo Mixture
    Stanislaw Gorlow, Sylvain Marchand
  • Online algorithms for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with the Itakura-Saito divergence
    Augustin Lefevre, Francis Bach, Cedric Fevotte
  • Contour representations of sound
    Yoonseob Lim, Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Timothy Gardner
  • Multi-layer Perceptron Based Speech Activity Detection for Speaker Verification
    Sriram Ganapathy, Padmanabhan Rajan, Hynek Hermansky
  • Bayesian Nonparametric Spectrogram Modeling Based on Infinite Factorial Infinite Hidden Markov Model
    Masahiro Nakano, Jonathan Le Roux, Hirokazu Kameoka, Tomohiko Nakamura, Nobutaka Ono, Shigeki Sagayama
  • Modeling Musical Instruments as Dynamic Textures
    Erik Schmidt, Raymond Migneco, Jeffrey Scott, Youngmoo Kim
  • Resonance-Based Decomposition for the Manipulation of Acoustic Cues in Speech: An Assessment of Perceived Quality
    Chin-Tuan Tan, Benjamin Guo, Ivan Selesnick
  • Source Localization and Separation using Random Sample Consensus with Phase Cues
    Lukasz Litwic, Philip Jackson
  • Robust Non-VAD implementation of Multichannel Wiener Filter for Binaural Noise Reduction
    Jorge I. Marin-Hurtado, David V. Anderson

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